Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hartals Badily affecting Tourism

Thousands of Tourists get stranded on hartal day . It is a nightmare for the tour operators to reshedule the tour program and those who visit Kerala on hartal day will go back dissappointed.
We cannot afford to have hartal and tourism together.
Association of Tourism Trade Organisations, India (ATTOI)


  1. Hartal and Tourism cannot go together. Its indeed a tedious job re-scheduling the tour program in the last moment, to accomodate the tourists to safer havens. Its high time, political parties spare the tourism industry from hartals and bandhs, keeping in mind tourism industry is one of the biggest contributors to the Exchequer.

    Subhash Ghosh

  2. Hi,

    I am really concerned about the negative impact of Hartal on Tourism in Kerala.

    One of my VIP guest had to flee from the houseboat with his baby today early hours ( 3.a.m ) to secure his family.

    Another guest from Oman is still waiting at the airport for a safe passage to Cochin.

    Frequent Hartals in Kerala should be avoided..
    Let us work together for a better tomorrow . By increasing productivity and self sufficiency we can curtail inflation rather than CELEBRATING unproductive Hartal, Bandhs, Strikes or any so called Political Dramas..


  3. As tourism is one of the major Industry in Kerala political parties should exempt tourists & Tourism related activities from hartal. The guests coming to kerala is coming for enjoying the natural beauty and not for sitting in the room.

    Most of the guest had checked out from hotel early morning and was forced to sleep in the vehicles.
    Its high time the tourism fraternity should protest against this.

    Sanjeev Kumar - Voyages Kerala

  4. Hi,
    Its high time that people should start responding to this barnarian form of protest done in the pretext of helping the common man. Today, because of this sudden hartal, we had to accomodate our group in short gap arrangement with another property after their chck out from the Houe Boats, as it was really risky to move. I belive there is no middl way out, of having Tourism Excempted from hartals , like milk, water, hospital, medical services etc., as in the pretext of these Hartals, they are also been badly affected. The only way out is not to support the hartals like what we mostly do , like enjoying it like another holiday at home. Instead we must all start working as any other normal day so as to make these kinds of activities an utter failure. The Government and Judiciary must definitely interfere and make a permanent solution for eliminating this social evil, as I may define it.

    Sunil Mohan, Overseas Holidays

  5. Hartals do nothing but harm to the society. Normal lives, productivity, freedom of movement etc are affected . Hartals are made sucessful by the people of the state. A repeated visitor of Kerala had came across 05 hartals of his total 06 visits to Kerala.

    Now its time to SAY NO TO HARTALS.
    For the young generation Tourism is the only hope, please do not spoil this industry.

    Anish Kumar
    The Travel Planners

  6. We, from Tourism sector, might be the only people in Kerala who regularly work on hartal days. But we need to get this message across to people from all strata of society. If you want to change the situation, first know that you can make a change only by your acts. No media or politician will help you. Request anybody you know, to not to take an off day on hartal. People, if they decide to act, is the biggest force that can impose a change. All of us need to try and imbibe some work culture to every Malayaalee we know, that, it is better to work on a Hartal day, rather than spending money at the Beverages/Cd stores.
    Rajesh KTC

  7. Hi, its a real shame to entire keralites and its a pity that it we are the only state in india who knowingly or unknowingly contribute to the success of harthals by remaining quiet and lazy. its high time to do something about this. look at other states, they hardly care about strikes. freedom of movement is a constitutional right of a citizen of india , and no one has the right to deny it. there are many other ways of showing protests, like lighting a candle. at least we guys in the tourism industry must take the initiative and act against this evil practice. if milk and medicine can be exempted, so can be tourism, provided we all stand together and fight against this. we should have a meeting soon and draw an action plan to eradicate this from the soil of kerals. extending my fullest of support for this campaign.

    Hari Kumar - le passage to india
    secretary - Association of Professionals in Tourism ( APT)

  8. Hi,

    Hope all of you have seen news paper today.
    Eventhouh yesterday's Hartal was CELEBRATED by BMS and BJP , BJP Leader and CM of Madhyapradesh Mr.Sivraj Singh had a great time in Kerala by moving around freely in Kerala and even enjoyed a beautiful houseboat ride.

    Meanwhile our poor guests from all over the world did not get even water in Kerala yesterday ..

    What a joke!!

    It is time to stop this Thamasha ...

    As always say Commom man is a donkey !!


  9. In my view,any kind of media should not give wide pubilicity and importance to Hartals. They should ignore all the news before and after the Hartals, then people also will not give much importance on Hartals.
    We have to pay huge amount as compensation to the tourists for the Hartals' days. At least Kerala Government or the Judiciary should initiate to get this amount from the Hartal conducting pary, if once this action is strictly implemented definitly the Hartals will automatically be stopped.

    Sreekukmara Menon

  10. Hartal has now become so much a part of experiencing Kerala, of course a bitter one for our tourists and for the general public. It’s high time to get rid of Kerala’s ‘Hartal – a – month’ tradition. Those behind this political drama called hartals, which act on behalf of various political parties are least concerned about people or property, or about the revenue loss incurred due to this hooliganism. Ultimately hartal causes absolutely no benefits but only losses. It is a disgrace that such a highly literate and educated people of Kerala, are defenseless against such malpractices, and trying to enjoy the holiday mood without raising our voices against it. This scenario can be changed only if our attitudes are changed and a sense of work culture is absorbed into our minds. Let us all stand together and fight against this hartal evil.
    We extend our full support for this campaign.

  11. this is the virus which is affecting tourism industry since the inception of state of kerala may be i am harsh on this but this is the fact mostly grievences are addressed by people who are working in tourism industry but antihartal slogan is coming from only a small percentage of people where are others they have to come up as kerala is known for labour unrest and also famous for negative attitude of the people.first thing we have to change the attitude of the people including us then only we can have a no hartal zone in kerala where we failed where we went wrong is it because of the people where are our politicians who are ignoring this type of serious issues because our politicians lacks vision if they have a great vision this type of incident wont occur now everyone is behind hartal because that is only tool in which they can survive in kerala.hartal is the curtain of their failures maybe we should change to hartal's own country ratherthan god's own country or change it to labour unrest's own country

  12. Its advisable to visit www.harthal.com for Harthal Schedules before Visit ( not responsible for sudden proclamations )...

  13. Hartal is the lifeline of the people of Kerala, so i've given up talking against Hartal. People of Kerala loves hartal like anything ... employees can sit at home and enjoy hartal movies ... students dont have to go to school ... politicians has a day for hartal musclepower ... media has a day full of hartal news ... So hartal is the life of Keralites next to liqour .. so its high time we bring tourists for hartal tourism rather than for leisure activities ...

  14. who doesn't like Hartals and Strikes? may be few of us other than that every one in the govt and private sectors are praying every day to get Hartal. Just check with the medias, almost every day they are getting plenty of calls from different people asking about Harthals. I dont know whats wrong with these people. Each Hartal and Strikes makes us millions of money in loss in every sector. who does bother about this?

    Regarding Tourism in Kerala now a days people started to think twice before they book a package to kerala. All our business are diverting to many different places only becasue of these un expected plotical games.God's own country has gone so far away from its culture just only becasue of these politicians. Now a days you never get a positive comments in the foreign market about God's own country why????.. Politicans should answer this....

  15. Hartals as always a great success in our State,just because people support.Our IT sector is exempted from such activities. I feel if we people in the Tourism fraternity join hands to avoid Tourism from hartal we could come out successful.I feel ATTOI should initiate and lead such a campaign and I am sure lot of youngsters even from outside Toursim indutry would support us.LETS STOP CRITICISING AND INITIATE CHANGE.

    Anish P Varghese

    Kerala Travel Company
    Secretary-Munnar Hotels and Resorts Association(MHRA)

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  17. Kerala – Hartal’s Own Country

    Kerala – God’s Own Country , But now our beautifull heaven is also known as Hartal’s own Country.
    Hartals are collapsing not only Tourism sector but also each and every developing sectors of Kerala.
    Main Problems are Keralites – Known as Devil’s own people.Keralites are enjoying each & every Hartals issuing by every parties as their wish & a wide support from Media also.our welknown Medias are competating to make a celebrity with every Hartals through them.

    Now we are realizing the words of Swami Vivekanandha

    “ Keram oru Brandhalayam” means “Kerala – A Mental Hospital”

    Team - The Explore Holidays

  18. I really don't understand how a Hartal will change situations. Fight for a genuine reason can be supported by whole of Kerala not a part of population.

    My point is get rid of Hartals for simple issues. Come together for a common serious cause and fight together till the end so that the achievement is worth for all.. JOY/TRAVELZON.IN

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